Main Features


  • “Zip Around” system provides the fastest and easiest way to put on and take off the shoes with no effort. At the same time the baby can’t take off them her-self thanks to the zip fastener. The zip divides the outsole and let the two parts move independently helping this way developing the feet muscles.
  • The insoles are removable and marked. You could verify regularly if the longest toe is in the “Right fit” area or not. Tip: Check feet length later in the day, as feet tend to swallow!
  • The thin rubber outsoles are flexible for a NATURAL MOVEMENT, but yet solid enough to protect the feet and prevent slipping. Walkking’s shoes are soft and moldable so the baby feels them like a second skin.
  • Walkking’s toddler shoes are designed in accordance with baby’s foot shape. They have a large room, wide and high enough, so the fluffy toes could move and develop freely. The back of the shoes is firm and supportive with a soft collar to protect the ankle.
  • Walkking’s toddler shoes come in different TRENDY COLORS suitable for any kind of outfits.
  • Onsteam is EXTREMELY BREATHABLE, more than any other material. It absorbs 8 times its own weight and dries up 6 times faster than leather keeping baby’s feet cool and dry.
  • A pair of Walkking’s is less than 120 grams so the baby feels barefoot.
  • No small parts the baby can rip off and shallow. No toxic dyes or materials at all. The rubber outsoles are chromium free. Upper material, linen and insole far exceed the stipulations of the UNE-EN ISO 20344:2004 standard. Allergy tested.
  • All materials are produced by well-known Italian and Spanish companies (except the YKK zip) than carefully HAND sewn in Vetren, BG.
  • Every detail of our baby shoes is tested and inspected numerous times for us to be able to assure their quality and perfection for the rightest and healthiest possible growing of your sweet angel.

Enjoy the first step to a carefree childhood!