Zip Around


The ZIP AROUND method - unzipping all the way around the shoe - is both the most innovative and effortless way of putting on and taking off baby shoes


No hassle for parents! – as the zipper allows for the shoe to completely open up, parents can swiftly slide their toddler’s foot in

With the zipper visibly dividing the outsole, the two parts of it move independently - this flexibility allows for healthy and natural development of the foot muscles

Designed to the anatomy of a baby’s foot

The front of the shoe is carefully constructed to be both high and wide enough, providing enhanced space for your baby’s little toes to move freely and grow without obstacles

From spacious to firm in the right places

At the same time, the back of the shoe is firm, supporting the heel of the gentle foot whilst also having a soft collar to protect the fragile ankle

Say NO to narrow and constrained shoes!

Fit Checker

Consistent and progressive comfort check!

The marked and removable insoles allow parents to regularly verify whether the longest baby toe is in the ‘Right Fit’ area;

If not, it is time for a new pair

Second skin

The thin rubber outsoles permit for natural movement of growing baby feet while at the same time, their solidity protects the feet from possibly rough terrains and prevents slipping
the duo effect of the barefoot sensation and natural movement feeling mimic a ‘second skin’ for the little foot

Materials produced by reputable Italian and Spanish companies (appart from zipper), while the shoe is hand stitched in Bulgaria
An eco-friendly and biodegradable box made from recyclable cardboard only