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First baby shoes - Hard or Soft Soled to choose?

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First baby shoes - Hard or Soft Soled to choose?

With today’s wide range of offerings, it is becoming harder for parents to pick baby shoes, which ensure healthy foot development. Let’s take a closer look at one of the most important characteristics when choosing the first baby walking shoes. What type of sole to pick, soft or hard sole? Of course, there is no single answer to this question, both type of soles have their advantages and disadvantages. Yet, we believe that slight predominance have new walker shoes with hard soles. Soft soles shoes are great when baby is not on the move, yet.  Soft soles are good as crib or the pram shoes.

Infants whose first walking shoes were soft soles, tend to have trouble transitioning to hard sole shoes. Even though, baby walking shoes are needed, once your child gains some confidence while walking and begins exploring the world outdoors, you will do no harm to your baby’s feet,  if you have them wear a pair of new hard soles walker shoes for few hours at home.  This way, they will get used to having something on their feet. Let them observe and play with their first walking shoes.

Soft soles are very easy to slip on wet or smooth surfaces. Soles are there to safeguard feet from the ground.  New walker hard sole shoes protect feet from stepping on harmful objects at the playground, from temperature changes, hot or cold grounds. Meanwhile, hard soles’ board keeps your toddler’s feet safe, when kicking here and there, or dragging feet along the ground to slow down when riding the balance bike.

Each time toddlers come in contact with the ground, child’s foot endures high level of stress. With soft soles, the traction and the rubbing lands straight on the foot as there is only a thin layer of leather between the foot and the ground at the bottom of the shoes. This thin soft sole wears out easily as it gets in touch with rigid and rough grounds. First step shoes with hard sole minimize the impact on your baby’s feet, each time they come in contact with the ground.

It has been believed that shoes with hard soles have construction, which prevents few foot problems such as flat feet, pronated feet, etc. In addition the shape of the shoes new walker shoes with hard soles, has a much wider and taller toes box, allowing toes to wiggle freely. Most soft sole baby shoes have almost no height at the front. The toes box is almost missing, leaving no room for the toes and forcing parents to get larger sizes, which may cause more trips and falls.

Now you have the necessary information, but please do not take all the information as an recommendation or an advice, just take into consideration when choosing new walker shoes. Keep in mind that first baby shoes need to be extremely flexible, ultra-light and breathable to ensure healthy feet growth.

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