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Our Story


We started the production of children shoes in 1996 after being traders for about 10 years.

We knew what we wanted but not how to do it.

So we hired well known specialists and built a modern equipped factory. The design was done in Italy, the materials as well.

We have produced children footwear for many of the glamorous fashion brands.

Millions of toddlers made the first step and grew up healthy with our shoes.

Having the know-how and up-to-date equipment, using only high quality European materials, today we offer really healthy and right first step shoes.

The patented ”ZIP AROUND“ design was created in the very beginning to assure the easiest way to put on and take off the shoes without any effort. The zip does not allow the baby to take off the shoes her self.

Every detail of our products is tested and inspected numerous times for us to be able to assure its quality and perfection.

The recognition for our efforts came at the end of 2012 when we won the Forbes Business Award for products’ quality.