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Designed with lots of passion and love to give your sweetheart a healthy and proper foot development.

Handcrafted from high quality, 100% breathable material, our shoes are ultra-light and flexible, assuring a smooth sensation for your toddler’s delicate feet.

Thanks to our ZIPAROUND design, stepping in and out of these shoes is fast, effortless and safe.

Available for babies aged 3-27 months old (Check Size Guide)


- High-Technology material

- 100% Breathable

- Easy to put on

- Extremely light (55g per shoe)

Zip Around Toddler Shoes for new walkers


Unzip all the way around and zip it back up for the most innovative and effortless way to put on a shoe


The back of the shoe is firm, supporting the heel of the gentle foot whilst having a soft collar to protect the fragile ankle

The removable insole has a fit-checker to verify whether the shoe still fits


High and wide in front, providing enhanced space for your baby’s little toes to move freely and grow without obstacles


The thin rubber outsoles permit for natural movement, while their solidity protect the feet from rough terrains and prevent slipping


The pair weighs just under a 110 grams, giving a barefoot sensation


A moisture absorption capacity 8x its own weight, keeping total dryness, while maintaining a thermo-regulating effect



Crafted with love from new High-Tech, 100% breathable material, providing a leather-like sensation. This innovative material is exceptional at absorbing large amounts of sweat quickly and efficiently, but also at dispersing the sweat into outside air in record time. This ability ensures maximum comfort and total dryness in the interior of the shoe. The sweat never accumulates, it is always rapidly conducted to the open air!


  • Absorption + desorption = Total dryness
  • Maximum removal of sweat from energetic growing feet
  • Fast perspiration
  • Durable material
  • Hypoallergenic
  • 100% breathable
  • Vegan friendly 


  • 100% microfiber
  • Chromium VI-free
  • CO₂ - free material manufacturing
  • OEKO-TEX® Standard 100

Material far exceeds the stipulations of the UNE-EN ISO 20344:2004 standard (R-09119381). In accordance with the REACH regulations. In accordance with the legislation relating to azo dyes and chlorinated paraffins. In accordance with the 20882 IN: 2009 standard. In accordance with the UNE EN ISO 20344:2010 standard


Designed in accordance with the anatomy of a baby’s foot, our number one priority is to ensure the healthy and natural development of your toddler’s precious little feet. Therefore, the front of the shoe is carefully constructed to be both high and wide enough, providing enhanced space for your baby’s little toes to move freely and grow without obstacles.This specific shoe design allows for the perfect pairing of the right amount of space and firmness in the appropriate places. The back of the shoe is firm, supporting the heel of the gentle foot whilst also having a soft collar to protect the fragile ankle. In this way, the shoe provides just the right amount firmness, meanwhile allowing the freedom for the gentle feet to learn to support themselves organically.

 Our incredibly light shoe features thin rubber outsoles permitting natural movement of growing baby feet, while at the same time providing protection from rough terrains and preventing slipping. The ultra-flexible form enables a duo effect- a barefoot sensation and natural movement feeling, mimicking a ‘second skin’ for the little foot. Removable insoles provide for maximum hygiene and contribute to the barefoot sensation. With these shoes, your little one will never feel like something is weighing him down!

We deliver WORLDWIDE for FREE!

All orders, made by 11am GMT Monday through Friday, will be processed and shipped the same day.

Delivery time up to 7 business days to European Union / 15 business days to all other

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If the shoes do not meet your expectations RETURN them. You will receive a 100% REFUND excluding shipping fees.

Right fit is very important! If the shoes do not fit well, we will gladly EXCHANGE them.

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EU UK US JP cm in
15/16 0.5 1 8.5 10.5 4.13"
17/18 2 3 10.5 11.5 4.53"
19/20 4 5 12.5 12.5 4.92"
21/22 4.5 5.5 13.5 13.5 5.32"
Consult our step by step guide to find the right size.

Easy to put on first step shoes

Breathable first step shoes

Light shoes for first steps

Flexible shoes for new walkers

Toddler Shoes Endorsed by Podiatry
Podiatrist Endorsed

Baby Shoes Made in Europe
Made in Europe

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